About us


When I first came to Fuerteventura in the early 90’s, I fall in love with the island immediately. A pristine nature, untouched beaches and loads of space for those, seeking silence and peace.


Back in the days, most of the pueblos had dirt roads, surf spots were empty and there was plenty of fish in the sea. Live was easy and laid-back. I saw hardly any ocean plastic at the Northshore.


Thirty years later I still enjoy the beautiful unspoiled nature and amazing beaches. Time is ticking slower than somewhere else, life is simple and free.

Nowadays, most of the dirt roads are paved- though still bumpy-surf gets sometimes crowded, fishing off the coast takes more time and, sadly, ocean plastic is a frequent find.


But I am still in love with Fuerteventura!


I prefer to do something and act local instead of complaining, be part of the change. I want to do my bit, help to save the ocean and cleanup the mess.


Beside questioning my habits, consuming more responsible, trying harder to reduce, reuse and recycle, I started to pick up plastic debris after surfing or when I was walking the shore with my dogs.

First, I brought home one bag for the litter, then two and soon, I was cleaning beaches almost every day. I although realized how satisfying it is to give something back to mother ocean, after surfing or diving. I kept cleaning…friends joined in….the results got visible…


Actually spending more time collecting trash, than working, I was looking for a way to rise awareness how ocean pollution and single- use plastic affects our seas. I needed more time to clean more beaches and recycle the findings.


I was always attracted to design and know my bit about fashion. Hand pulled screen printing with water based ink is a „Steckenpferd” of mine.


My girlfriend is a graphic designer. One piece matched the other! and I decided to establish a brand. That is how Planet-A was born.


We live our dream, stay salty and love what we do

We try to have a small footprint and a positive impact

We follow our belief, that every single action counts

We handprint sustainable clothes with quotes that make people think

We clean beaches