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Planting trees

A UNIVERSAL CURE FOR CLIMATE CHANGE?   With forest projects, companies and private individuals can make voluntary CO2 offsets. However, whether this form of compensation makes sense is highly questionable.   What is the problem?   According to Atmosfair, a forest must last 50 to 100 years to have a climate-relevant impact

Let’s talk about e-waste

Nowadays we are surrounded by electronic-  and electrical devices. In the last decade, the use of all kinds of those devices grew exponential and many of us can’t or don’t want to imagine a life without them anymore. The industry is constantly inventing new stuff or

Help the ocean, eat less fish!

  The plastic pollution of our oceans is one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing today.   As awareness is rising, many people buy less plastic products and try to avoid single-use plastic at all.   Nevertheless the amount of plastic in the seas is estimated to double in the next