Surfing with first light or climbing a volcano to watch the sunrise, is an amazing way to start the day.


Cleaning a beach after it, trying to return something in exchange , can be even more satisfying and is definitely our doggies favorite.


Fuerteventura is surrounded by deep waters with strong currents. Nevertheless our beaches and reefs catch a lot of ocean plastic.


Tons of fishing gear like nets , lines or buoys, bottles, caps, all kinds of packaging, toys, lighters, toothbrushes, q-tips….more single-use plastic items than you can imagine get washed ashore.


If you are a beach person you run into it.


Well, everybody prefers a clean beach and pristine waters but this is not an esthetic problem.


Broken into tiny pieces by the elements, plastic gets mistaken for food or is accidentally eaten.


It harms and kills unaware animals, enters the food chain, and ends up on our table.

I love the sea and wanna do my bit to help, so I walk the beaches and reefs, trying to remove the mess.


I’m always supported by my doggies, friends join in, sometimes   bring their friends, clients participate, the family is onboard. Meanwhile local organizations do clean ups, shops and surf schools teach their clients to consume and behave more responsible.


Even the local government starts to act…


We are on a good way!


Planet-A is a family run brand. We handprints t-shirts with strong messages to rise awareness and connect artwork and handcraft, with our passion of less plastic and cleaner seas.


Every purchase supports a clean up and gives us more time to clean more beaches.