Creating or transforming things is  sometimes rewarding ,sometimes challenging and always worth it.


We develop, design, prepare the screens, print, pack and ship in a 100% family and friends operated business.


We like handmade things and we love screenprintinting


Planet-A  gives us  the opportunity to be independent, generate a fair income and work under healthy conditions.


As there are  no costs for stock, marketing and a shop  we are able to put all the efforts in the quality of our products and their sustainability.


We develop our own designs trying to rise awareness, spreading strong messages- It s not just a t-shirt it’s a statement



  • do  handpulled screenprinting in small numbers . We print on demand so there is no stock accumulating that has to be cleared one day. The fashion industry dumps thousands of tons of new clothes per year to empty their warehouses and create space for the newest collection


  • use only fair wear certificated organic cotton


  • work with water based ink. No chemicals involved. Which is good for the enviroment, your skin and the atmosphere in our workshop


  • leave our products to clima neutral air drying for more durable prints. 100% Fuerteventura sunpowered 😉